Our Classrooms

We offer five wonderful classrooms.  Each group of children is grouped by age so that they can be with their peers and enjoy age appropriate activities throughout the day.  As we work with the children, skills scaffolded throughout our program.  For example:

Putting on a coat

Classroom/Age Group Skill/Activity
Bunny Room (Toddlers ages 1 and walking through 2 or 2.5)


Each child learns to identify his/her coat and get it from their cubby.  The teacher then helps them put it on.
Lion Room (Toddlers ages 2 or 2.5 to 3 or 3.5)


Each child finds his/her own coat and puts it on with assistance.
Lamb Room (Preschool ages 3 or 3.5 to 4)


Each child gets his/her own coat and puts it on with some assistance.
Monkey Room (Preschool ages 3.5 to 4 or 4.5)


Each child get’s his/her own coat, puts it on, and gets help with zipping or buttoning
Elephant Room (Prekindergarten ages 4 or 4.5 to entering kindergarten the following September)


Each child gets his/her own coat by themselves, puts it on, zips or buttons, and heads out to play.,


Through this process, each child has developed new skills such as:

Self-help – getting their coat and putting it on by themselves

Language skills – learning to ask for help

Fine Motor skills – Buttoning and zipping the coat

Emotional skills – building their self-esteem (“I can’t do it” moves to the powerful “I DID IT!”)