Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Do you shop at Fred Meyer? Well, your shopping experience at Fred Meyer just got a little bit better!!!

With their Community Rewards program in place, you can register your Fred Meyer Rewards card to help Grace Lutheran Church.  It's fast and easy....

1.  Sign in to

2.  Hover over the Rewards tab, then click on Community Rewards

3.  Click on "Link your rewards card now" and follow the instructions to register your information

4.  When you reach the "choose organization" section, type in Grace Lutheran Church or the number 91892 

5.  Be sure to click on Grace Lutheran Church Des Moines, WA -- there is more than one Grace listed

Easy peasy.... and the next time you are shopping, you will not only get your rewards from Freddy's but Grace will benefit as well!

Thanks for just one more way of giving back to Grace...


Giving at Grace

Your gifts and giving are much appreciated at Grace.  We strive to use the gifts God gives us wisely and efficiently, and value all gifts of time, talent and money. There are so many ways for us to give back from the abundance of what God has given us and we want to make a difference when we share our gifts. From special interests to keeping the lights on, all of your monetary gifts are used with good stewardship in mind.

There are many ways to give at Grace, and the newest --  our Giving Kiosk.  The kiosk is located near the main Sanctuary doors and is easy to register on and use. 

Online E-Giving

If you prefer the convenience of electronic payments, Grace now offers E-Giving and electronic funds transfer options for offerings or donations.

 or  Download an E-Giving authorization form as a  pdf file  or  Word  document and return form to the Grace church office.

What is E-Giving?  E-Giving is an optional and additional method of making donations to Grace.   We have carefully selected Vanco Services’ Simply Giving program to provide our electronic giving options.  Donors may choose to have their contribution(s)  withdrawn automatically from their checking or savings account, or paid by debit or credit card.   Grace strongly encourages financially responsible stewardship by advising against going into debt for giving.
What are the advantages of E-Giving? There are many advantages to E-Giving.....

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Media System Upgrade



THANK YOU for your pledge for the NEW Media System Upgrade in progress...we are excited that this project is moving forward with your help!

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