Online E-Giving

If you prefer the convenience of electronic payments, Grace offers E-Giving and electronic funds transfer options for offerings or donations.
What is E-Giving?  E-Giving is an optional and additional method of making donations to Grace.   We have carefully selected Vanco Services’ Simply Giving program to provide our electronic giving options.  Donors may choose to have their contribution(s)  withdrawn automatically from their checking or savings account, or paid by debit or credit card.   Grace strongly encourages financially responsible stewardship by advising against going into debt for giving.
What are the advantages of E-Giving? There are many advantages to E-Giving..... including the convenience of saving time, simplifying your life with consistent giving (when work schedule, health or travel keeps you from church), and providing easily accessible record keeping of your gifts, online and/or your financial institution statements.  This service also has the potential to help level out the flow of giving to Grace, especially during the summer months when lower attendance and giving can cause financial challenges for meeting our basic operational expenses.
How often can funds be withdrawn electronically from my account? You may elect to have funds withdrawn on a repetitive basis either weekly or monthly, or you can select to make a one time only donation/contribution.
Can contributions be directed to specific funds within Grace? Yes. You may choose to contribute all, or specified portions of your donation to any of Grace's funds - Operations, Building or Designated Benevolent Missions of your choice.
Without a cancelled check, how can I prove that I made a contribution to Grace? The financial institution that represents your account (checking, savings or credit card) generally provides you with a statement that reflects your donation. In addition, the financial secretary of Grace will include all E-Giving transactions in your quarterly and annual giving statements of financial donations.
Are there any processing fees or charges incurred to use E-giving?   There is NO cost to you, the donor.  Grace incurs a minimal fixed charge of 30 cents for checking and savings account transactions (similar to the deposit fee charged by our bank to process checks).  However, Grace is assessed a 2.65% fee on the amount of your gift on debit or credit card transactions, so please use this option only if checking/savings account direct electronic transfers are not right for you.
What if I prefer giving my offering through the offering plate as part of my worship? Please use the method(s) of giving most appropriate and convenient for you.  If you wish, feel free to place your regular envelope with  “I E-Give” printed on it in the offering plate as a reminder of your decision to give electronically.  Regardless of the giving method used, our response to God should be the same – a spiritual discipline of joyful, generous giving for everything God has given us.