May 21, 2017

We would love to pray with and for you!  Moms in Prayer, a group of mothers who pray together weekly, meet each Friday morning at 8:30 am. Prayer Warriors will meet on Sunday, May 21 at 12:30 pm in the Upper Room.  Everyone welcome to attend. Do you have a prayer request for the prayer chain or prayers of the church? Contact 206.878.2460 graceoffice @ 

Prayers of the Church:  Joe Wilder; Mike Maloney; Olivia Baker; Connie Appleyard; Dick Lehmann (knee surgery); Barb Martinson; Marilee Johnson; Bill Schulze.

Extended Family and Friends: Amy Baker's friend, Claire; Marlene Mathison and Lori Sones' brother, Lester; Audrey Bowers' nephew, Steve; Jeffrey Boynton's step-mother, Jim Grall's father, James; Barbara Ray’s son, Richard; Sandi Denoff’s brother, Chuck; Gail Sandoval’s granddaughter, Lela; Carol Schluter’s daughter, Heidi; Nola Irish’s sister, Marsha.

Homebound: Paul Labes; Norm McDonell; Joe Widen; Keith Sanderson, Annie Harmon; Mal and Donna Soine; Sarah Marie Edwards; Kalma Christianson; Betty Dokken; Wes Hjalmer; Nancy Mitchell; Jamel Barden; Janene Ryan.

--Wayne Pederson and family on the death of his mother;

--Children and Family Ministry;

--Call Ministry Team;

--Sister church in El Salvador and Haiti Ministry;
--El Refugio Women’s Shelter, Uganda mission;
--Orfanatorio Emmanuel in Tijuana, Mexico;
--Word of Truth Bible Church;
--Peace in the Far East and Middle East, and especially for our Christian sisters and brothers in Iraq and Syria; 
--All those men and women serving in the military and their families;
--Our nation;
--All hungry, homeless and oppressed people;  
--All who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.