The Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti: And How to Help Provide Hope

The Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti: And How to Help Provide Hope

Author: HTF International Leadership Team - Haitian Timoun
July 16, 2021

Dear Friends,

The situation in Haiti has devolved into a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. The brutal assassination of President Jovenel Moise has exacerbated already critical circumstances. In the past three years, gang violence has wreaked havoc across the country as the police and military have had little ability to stop the rampant spread of kidnappings and murders.

This move toward chaos and anarchy within Haiti has meant that our Haitian partners must be extraordinarily careful and resourceful to continue to create life-giving impact. Families are without food and access to healthcare. The regular operation of schools, the marketplace, places of business, and transportation has all been negatively affected by the rise of gang violence and systemic unrest.

The assassination of the President has resulted in Haiti declaring a 15-day lockdown as officials seek to get a handle on what has happened and garner international support. In the meantime, people are suffering.

There is currently both a short-term and long-term need in Haiti. In the short term, we want to provide our Haitian partners the resources they need to care for the people they serve right now. In the long term, we pray for the development of a relational network of diversely educated and experienced leaders who can work together to create a consistently stable Haitian infrastructure. In both cases, HTF is poised to help.

Following the 2010 earthquake, The Haitian Timoun Foundation was endorsed by the United States Peace Corps as being one of five reputable US organizations maximizing American contributions into real, grassroots efforts of humanitarian support and development. Because the operational expenses of HTF are covered through Covenant Communities (church partners), 100% of all individual contributions go directly to serve the people of Haiti. Your designated funds are not used for administrative expenses.

Abiding Hope Church, Littleton, CO, the founding congregation for HTF, started engaging the people in Haiti after a visit in 1997 by our pastor and his wife and which led to the formation and incorporation of HTF in 2001. This year marks 20 years since the birth of The Haitian Timoun Foundation.

In the past 2+ decades, we’ve experienced first-hand the strength and tenacity of the Haitian people as they fight every single day simply to live. The Haitian passion, heart, and spirit are an inspiration to the world. But Haiti, like all of us, can’t do it alone. Our Haitian brothers and sisters need our help NOW MORE THAN EVER!

What can you do?

  • We are asking each of you to set aside one hour on Wednesday, July 14th for prayer and meditation focused on Haiti. We have prepared a litany prayer that you can use individually or within a group.
  • We encourage you to read books about the Haitian story so that you can be educated on how Haitian history has led to this point.
  • Suggestions include: Mountains beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, To Fool the Rain, by Steven Werlin, Haiti after the Earthquake, by Paul Farmer and there are many more.
  • History of Haiti (short animation - "In Haiti: A roadtrip documentary")

    And finally, we humbly ask for your financial support.

  • Please give to the HTF 2021 Emergency Fund to provide resources to our Haitian partners so that they can meet the basic needs of those they serve right now. DONATE TO - Emergency Fund.
  • We also invite you to consider sponsoring a child, a woman, and her family, or a college student through HTF. This is not only an investment in today but in the hope of a better tomorrow for all Haitians. $420 will provide support for a child for 1 year. DONATE TO - Child Sponsorship.
  • $1800 sponsors a woman and her family, lifting them from ultra-poverty by sponsoring her in the 18 mos. Chemen Lavi Miyo (CLM) program. DONATE TO - Eradicate Ultra Poverty.
  • $10,000 provides support for a Haitian Education and Leadership Program student for 1 year - DONATE TO Support a HELP Student.
  • You can give through the website – or through Grace Lutheran Church – - marked Haiti Emergency Fund.
  • Remember, 100% of your donation will go directly to serving those in need!

    Through the work of HTF and our Haitian partners, hope is on the horizon for Haiti. We believe in the tenacious spirit and resiliency of our Haitian brothers and sisters and trust that God is leading us together into a new day of life and sustainability for all.

    Thank you for your commitment to standing in solidarity and accompaniment with our Haitian family. Your prayers, your voice, your financial support matters.

    Bondye beni nou, tout moun! (God bless us, everyone!)

    With hope,

    HTF International Leadership Team
    Haitian Timoun Foundation

    Prayer Litany for Haiti 2021

    L1        God of love and life, we grieve the pain and suffering of our Haitian brothers and sisters. Hear our prayers as we call upon the Spirit to inspire and guide us in our work toward healing and new life.

    L2        Forgive us for the many ways that we fall short every single day in reflecting your love in all that we do. We have not served enough. We have not been generous enough. We think too much about ourselves and our own circumstances while overlooking those in need.

    C          Forgive us, Lord.

    L1        Raise up healthy leaders for Haiti. Raise up leaders who put the needs of the nation, the people, and the poor ahead of their own. Raise up leaders who are educated, wise, and experienced. Raise up leaders who network and collaborate with others to create a consistently stable infrastructure.

    L2        Hold the people who are suffering, especially the ultra-poor who lack family or community support. Be with the hungry children, the grieving mothers, those facing illness or disease so that they might experience hope and healing.

    C          Hear us, Lord.

    L1        Inspire us, O God, to do more to aid our Haitian brothers and sisters. Inspire us to love more deeply. Help us not to become fatigued as we accompany our Haitian family. Make us to be more generous with our time, our voice, and our resources in support of our Haitian partners.

    L2        Remind us, Lord, that blessings are to flow through us, not stop with us. May we be inspired to share our blessings with our brothers and sisters in Haiti so that together we may experience a new day when no one lives in poverty, no one goes hungry, no one feels alone.

    C          Help us, Lord.

    L1        Giver of life, we ask you to guide the leaders of HTF, especially those living and serving in Haiti, that all that we do might lead to new life not only for Haiti but for the entire world. May Haiti truly become a nation of death and resurrection, a nation of new life, that can stand as a beacon of hope for other suffering peoples around the world.

    L2        May your power of love be witnessed clearly in Haiti, O God, as you draw hundreds, thousands, even millions of people together in solidarity working for a new tomorrow filled with opportunity for all. Use us in making this vision and dream a reality.

    C          Use us, Lord.

    L1       All of this we pray in the name of the crucified and risen Jesus Christ our Lord.

    C          Amen |

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