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Pat & Gene Cason
Please pray for our families that live in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers, Fl. Our son Mike and wife Rhonda. Our Grandsons, Micah, Aaron & Daniel and all their children. They have all survived the hurricane, but life’s very hard for them right now. Our grandsonAaron’s home was totally destroyed. May theLord bless you richly, Pat
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I have an angioplasty soon, might need stints this time. I have hurt my shoulder. I also, have something odd happening with my right knee. It was a total knee replacement a little over a year ago. It is swollen up. The Dr's are baffled as to what is happening with it. My husband is having his own angioplasty next week on Tuesday. Thank you for your prayers!
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Kimberly G
Please pray for my uncle mark. He is a strong candidate for a lung transplant and has a chronic lung disease. Please pray for a positive outcome and strength for him.
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Diane Nelson
Please pray for my neighbor Cathie. She was hospitalized 2-weeks with COVID, then caught pneumonia. She was released yesterday and is home now, but is very weak. Due to lingering health issues, her husband is struggling caring for her. Pray for God's wisdom and strength for this couple.
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