In September 2008, our congregational campaign was Faith in ACTION.  Throughout the year, we studied, talked and wrestled with what it meant to put our faith in action, both here in our community and around the world.  We knew that we were called to do both, and we also knew that our international outreach was strong.

So our focus turned to our local outreach:  What did that involve?  What were we doing?  What should we be doing?  What impact could we make in our own community?


With much excitement, grace in ACTION was born!  Out of a single thought for helping the elderly, the poor, the disabled in our community… came what we call Compassionate Compliance.

Compassionate Compliance is intended to help those who are considered out of compliance with city codes.  Did you know that a code violation can be as much as $500 per day?  So what does grace in ACTION do?  We…

  • Build wheelchair ramps for those who cannot do so themselves
  • Clean up property for those out of compliance
  • Help rebuild roofs, decks, stairways and more
  • And much, much more

Regular grace in ACTION days happen when the entire congregation is involved in projects around our community on a Sunday – our worship that day is out and about our community, and we gather together at the end of the day to share a meal, share our stories and celebrate all of the ways that God’s grace is in action all around us!

God’s heart.

Our hands. 

grace in ACTION.

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