We Can Make a Difference

We Can Make a Difference

October 13, 2020

The challenges of Covid-19 continue to wreak havoc both here and all around the world.  Just when we think we are ahead and things are improving, another hot spot and outbreak resurfaces.  The more people you know the more you find out just how widespread and damaging this pandemic is.  It is damaging on every level of life – physical, mental, and spiritual – work places, schools, universities, and churches – young, middle-aged, and well-aged – east, west, north, and south.  

According to recent economic reports, the pandemic is upending more than two decades of progress on reducing extreme poverty around the globe — and estimates of how many people will be affected continue to escalate.

An additional 88 to 115 million people could be pushed into extreme poverty, defined as living on less than $1.90 a day, in 2020 because of the pandemic and resulting economic recession, according to a report from the World Bank.

That estimate is up sharply from the bank's May report, when it projected that an additional 60 million people would likely be pushed into extreme poverty in 2020. The total number of people added to the world's extreme poor as a result of the pandemic could grow to 150 million by next year.

One key area of impact is food insecurity. We have always known this to be true.  When the economic engines are not running in prime, the difficulties of the world’s poor exponentializes. 

Thankfully, the world has shaped so many good and significant ministries that serve on the frontlines of food support.  GLC has always named this need as something that we can do something about.  While a few of our front door ministries have been put on hold due to health and safety concerns, other ministries have increased their frontline impact.

The Des Moines Food Bank has been nothing short of amazing during these past eight months.  Your support has made so much possible!  

The ELCA World Hunger Appeal, and Lutheran World Relief, have increased their support for food programs in fiscal year 2020 with plans to continue that increase in 2021.  Our partners in Haiti, India, El Salvador, and Guatemala, all have stepped to the very front in providing those basic goods on a weekly basis. 

Over the final quarter of the year, we will continue to share these stories and inspire any and all support that is available in meeting these needs.  As you feel the spirit moving you to action in your life, know the spirit of all faith and generosity is meeting you in serving well! 

God rejoices with each fish and loaf moment in our world. 

In gratitude,
Pastor Chad   


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