The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

Author: Pastor John O'Neal
July 01, 2020

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Last week, as if one pandemic was not enough, another one collided with it creating feelings of anger, sadness, and despair for so many. 

Two pandemics colliding creating the perfect storm. 

What now?

As many of us were doing our best to cope with Covid-19, the novel corona virus, a not-so-novel virus raised its ugly head once again. 

You know what I’m talking about.

This second virus is systemic racism

No, it is not novel. It has been around far too long time. Way too long! 

Wouldn’t be great if we all put as much effort toward ending racism as we are putting toward ending Covid-19? Maybe it is time to reconsider what it is that is corroding our American society from the inside out. 

I am not an expert on epidemiology or sociology, but I know enough to understand that both viruses and racial biases are destructive to the life that God intends for all of his children. 

I respect the right of all people to peacefully protest and that right should be protected. I do not, however, condone violence toward people or property. These are two entirely different things and should be treated as such. It is unfortunate, however, that violence and destruction seems to capture our attention more than peaceful gatherings with heartfelt and impassioned speeches. This is a separate issue we need to deal with. 

At Grace Lutheran Church our vision is to be “a radically inclusive, multicultural community who serve and lead together with the love of Jesus.”

This statement leaves no room for any kind of racism, sexism, homophobia, or religious bias. 

“Radically inclusive, multicultural” is the key to building the kingdom of God and proclaiming the good news of Jesus.

We recently gathered together to celebrate Pentecost, one of the “high holy days of the church.” In the narrative of the speaking in different languages, we learn the intent of God’s Spirit that the message of Jesus needs to be proclaimed to all people of every race and language. 

This is not just in words but in action. 

If we are going to bring this pandemic of racism to a close, we will all need to look deep within and amend our lives in a way that puts an end our own personal biases. We need to be the people God calls us to be, seeing everyone from every race and culture as a child of God, someone for whom Christ died. This is who we are called to be.

Remember… we are “grace in ACTION.”


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