In the Midst

In the Midst

Author: Pastor Chad Johnson
September 11, 2020

In the midst of terror, in the midst of tremendous pain and loss, a people were summoned to rise to pour out their lives.  

They ran into the places of need.  

They asked not the cost to themselves but rather what will happen to my fellow human beings if I do nothing?  

They rushed forward.  

They climbed stairs.  

They stood in the fire.  

Thousands upon thousands of love filled people doing whatever they could, wherever they were, countless acts of human good.  

The faces, the names, the families, the places, all held close within the souls of those who choose love every single day.  

When we fall to the ground in our losses, a hand, a heart, a person rushing in to serve with all they got, that changes everything.  

To honor and remember is not a passive exercise, a glib moment of thanks.  

Every single day filled with moments of summoning to love and serve.  

Every single day an opportunity to pour out thanksgiving in how we choose to live.  

Remembering to love better, serve better, create better.  

May all of humanity rise up in the midst of the fires with sacrificial love to meet the challenges of this world.  

Memory and hope.


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