The Vision That God Has Given Us

The Vision That God Has Given Us

Author: Pastor Chad Johnson
July 01, 2020

Grace Lutheran Church has a vision. 

Which is to say the people of God who are gathered as Grace and sent as Grace have a vision.  The vision drives us as a movement who live and serve out there in this great big world. 

Did you catch that – “a movement!” 

We are a spirit filled movement of grace in the world.

The vision: A radically inclusive, multicultural community who serve and lead together with the love of Jesus!

God gave us this new vision in 2019. We have been working to faithfully live into this vision.  A time such as May 2020 and the protest movement on behalf of George Floyd and so many others in the black community remind us exactly why God laid this vision on us as the church.

We have work to do. 
We have vision and voice in which to give. 
We have actions that we can take. 
We can go to work on dismantling the systems of racism that have long held everyone in its grip.

Racism is demonic.  White privilege has perpetuated the long reach and grip of racism.  God is calling on all people throughout the world to dismantle this system and to bring life – full life – for everyone. 

Radically inclusive – radically inclusive – radically inclusive. 

Keep saying it.  Begin to work towards it in your neighborhood.

Do all people have a seat at the table?  Are the voices of the poor, powerless, and historically disenfranchised given the mic and truly listened to?  Do our ministries and relationships reflect this ongoing work?

Multicultural community – multicultural community – multicultural community. 

Keep saying it.  Keep working towards it specifically in our church.  Why is Sunday morning the most segregated time within the world’s week?  Is this what God imagined?  The Pentecost Spirit would say no and within our bones we know that is true as well! 

Our zip code represents one of the most racially diverse communities in the United States.  God has brought this diversity together so that we can embody the new humanity that God has always desired us to be. 

Intentionality – purposeful living – advocacy – compassion - protesting – listening – dismantling demonic systems - and so much more is the work of the church.        

In the midst of being overwhelmed by it all it can become way too easy to sit in our homes and simply do nothing. 

Doing nothing is not part of the vision.  The vision is to serve and lead together.  That means spirit filled movement. 

Do something.  Do anything.

But do not make the choice to do nothing. 

With the love of Jesus – with the love of Jesus – with the love of Jesus. 

This is what drives us.  In our struggles we keep our eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus. 

When Jesus witnessed someone being destroyed by the powers of his day, he leaned into those people and places and brought about radical life change.  He never backed down in fear.  He led with love.

Will you lead with love?  Will you declare not with a whisper but with loud declaration that Black Lives Matter?  Jesus stands among us and declares it, “Black Lives Matter!”

As Susan and I have talked with our kids about the atrocities heaped upon the black community in America, my heart has been torn to pieces in seeing the horror in their eyes.  They simply cannot imagine a world – a people – that does that. 

May we all have that same sense of horror and instead of closing our blinds to a world that is living that way we rise up in creating that radically inclusive multicultural community who serve and lead together with the love of Jesus.  God help us to give our lives to it!


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