Welcome to Grace Children’s Center


Grace Children’s Center is a non-profit organization operated as a ministry of Grace Lutheran Church, though you and your family do not need to be members to enroll your child. The Children’s Center began in 1989 as a way to provide families in the community with quality affordable childcare. We are advised by a Child Care Ministry Team made of church members, parents, and staff who support the center through a variety of volunteer efforts.

 Our program (1 and walking – 6 years) is designed to stimulate learning in all areas of development. Teachers combine the use of interesting age-appropriate materials and open-ended curriculum to maximize learning and skill building. They also focus on helping children gain social skills that contribute to positive interactions with peers and adults.

Check us out on Facebook: @gracechildrenscenter to see photos of the children enjoying a variety of fun activities!

Parent Feedback:

“Now he runs in the door and can’t wait to see everyone”.

Hi, Royale! As you might know, we’ve been very happy about the improvements going on lately.  When we started dropping our son off back in March the toughest thing for us was to watch him cry at the window as we drove away.  It got pretty tough.  That’s when our son ran out the door… now he runs in the door and can’t wait to see everyone.☺

Getting a tired 2-year old up and out by 6 am isn’t always easy but what makes the difference is where they are going.  Whether our son is tired or doesn’t feel good … We walk in the door and it’s a comforting and inviting place and he wants to be there.  Staff are happy and I can see they enjoy what they do every day and that make a difference in the quality of care!  Thank you for providing a welcoming safe place for our son… with lots of care and grace ☺

P.S.  Ms. Dani is a blessing… her love and patience for children is a gift from above ☺ There’s not a day Haydee doesn’t have a beautiful smile on her face. Love her ☺ Aidee is sweet as pie and I appreciate the care she gives our son ☺

V. Hernandez (parent in the Lion classroom)