Experiencing Resurrection Power Holy Week 2021

Experiencing Resurrection Power (Holy Week 2021)

Author: Pastor Chad
March 31, 2021

Holy Week Greetings GLC!  

As we engage again and anew in the gospel story of the three days, we are invited to peer into the depths of the heart of God.  What does it all mean?  What does God hope to accomplish?What new life will emerge from the deep sadness that each of the disciples felt?  

Jesus was fully present with all - through his life’s story.  He held nothing back.  He never ran away.  He showed up with full grace and full passion.  Look away we may, but Jesus never does. 

Gaze again upon that Friday cross on the hill.
Sit within the discomfort of disturbing holy moments of silence.
Be surprised by the bursting forth from the tomb.

When/where/how have you experienced resurrection power in your life? 

Whatever your response, that right there is how resurrection life and resurrection love continue to shape God’s people 2,000 plus years later.  All thanks and praise be to God.

May you feel God’s presence through each Holy Week offering and may it give you great hope for the days ahead.  

Peace and hope on the journey,
Pastor Chad 


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